Parking/Vendor Information Page

Parking Permits

All parking permits are done through Parking Services, including Contractors.

Parking Rules: 

Contractors, service providers, and vendors that have a University contract to provide goods or services must purchase and display a valid parking permit.  A permit is required to park on the campus at all times unless the vehicle is parking in a park-and-pay lot or garage, and pays the designated hourly rate.  Any vehicle operated or parked on University property must comply with University Traffic and Parking Regulations and display a current parking permit.  Possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking space on campus.  A parking permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking a vehicle on university property.  Vehicles illegally parked on campus or do not have a visible permit may be subject to ticketing, immobilization (booting), and towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Parking violations and fines for parking violations are described in the University Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Parking Permit Fees:

Please visit the Parking Services website for current permit fees.

Perimeter Parking is located in lot P/AZ 10W (Bobcat Stadium West)

Pay parking garages are located at:

  • Edward Gary Parking Garage located at 405 N. Edward Gary Street
  • LBJ Student Center Garage located at 704 Gaillardia Street

The campus parking map may be viewed at

Pay and Display Stations

Pay-and-Display stations provide an alternative to purchasing a permit when only occasional parking is needed, and to accommodate visitors and guests who may not be serviced by the two pay garages.  The Pay-and-Display stations located in the Coliseum Lot, the Speck Lot, and the Recreational Sports Lot (near Bobcat Village) are primarily intended for students needing to park while using Recreational Sports facilities.  However, they may also be used by anyone needing a short-term parking option. These Pay-and-Display stations will operate 24-7.

The two Pay-and-Display stations located in the Pleasant Street Garage primarily accommodate smaller evening events held near Evans and the Music Building.  These stations will operate only after 5 p.m.  There will be no change in the policies for departments inviting official university guests or visitors and wish to request parking in or near the Pleasant Street garage.  Departments still must make requests through Parking Services and permits will be sent to the departmental office or picked up at the booth, as has always been done in the past.

If you have purchased a parking permit from Parking Services that allows you to park in the lots and garages serviced by the Pay-and-Display stations, you do not need to purchase an additional permit from the Pay-and-Display station.