About Us

Introducing Facilities:

This guide is assembled to provide a snapshot of our internal organization and the services we provide. We look forward to presenting you with the best service possible and welcome your suggestions for improvements.

Facilities Mission:

Support the University’s mission and goals by providing cost-effective and innovative resource management and by operating, maintaining, and constructing safe, efficient, and attractive facilities and infrastructure that support excellence in teaching and research and contribute to economic and cultural development.

Quality, Responsive Service - Together, Making a Difference at Texas State:

Provision of quality services that are responsive to the needs of the campus community and support the creation of an Emerging Research University.

Contact us through Ready Customer Requests:

The Facilities Department has a customer service center to process your customer request information, create work requests, and route them to the appropriate area as quickly as possible. If you are a visitor to campus, use Facilities - Work Requests for all non-emergency requests. Most Texas State departments have one individual with an assigned login to use Ready. This prevents delays and miscommunications caused by multiple requests for the same item. For assistance with Ready or to set up an Ready login account call Customer Service at 512-245-2824 or email FMGT@txstate.edu.

Emergency Requests:

Examples of a true emergency are:

  • Gushing water
  • No power to an entire floor or building
  • No heat or air conditioning to an entire floor or building
  • Someone trapped in an elevator

True emergencies should be called in immediately to:

  • 512-245-2824 for weekdays between 8 AM - 5PM.
  • 512-245-2108 after 5 PM and weekends.

Services Provided by the Facilities Department:


Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is composed of over 80 personnel who provide support to both internal (Facilities) and external customers (the campus community). We maintain over 200 buildings containing over 3.5 million square feet of E&G space as well as providing support to nearly 4 million square feet of non-E&G facilities. Our shops, Air Conditioning, Structures (Carpentry, Sign, and Paint), Electric and Plumbing perform a wide variety of maintenance and repair activities. They also oversee the University’s deferred maintenance program and develops service, repair, and construction projects to support the shops. 

Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides business services to Facilities. Services include customer service, maintenance management, and computer services. The Facilities Procurement office composed of 10 personnel who procure over $3 million in materials and award over $13 million in service contracts annually. They also operate the Facilities Warehouse. The Director also serves as Fleet Manager for the University and is responsible for the administration of our state fleet gas cards. In addition, we operate the University garage which inspects and maintains over 240 University vehicles.

Utilities Operations

Utility Operations is responsible for operating and maintaining the thermal plants and the utilities distribution infrastructure. The Central (Cogen) Plant's Electrical switchgear is capable of distributing more than 17 million watts of electrical power. In addition, more than 11,200 tons of chilled water are capable of being produced by the 4 plants, with another 8000 tons in the planning stage. The steam production is 160,000 kph. The plants operate on a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year continuous cycle. All emergency generators for the Campus are serviced and maintained by Utilities personnel.

Planning, Design & Construction

This office is responsible for managing all planning studies, architectural and engineering design efforts, and construction contracts. It provides professional and technical support on all four phases of construction: programming, design, construction, and commissioning.

Custodial Operations

Custodial Operations services the needs of students, staff, and faculty by maintaining academic and auxiliary buildings on and off-campus. University employees deliver a safe and clean campus with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Custodial Operations is committed to utilizing green chemicals whenever possible, eco-friendly procedures, and labor and cost-saving equipment that is also environmentally friendly. In addition to routine, day-to-day cleaning, Custodial Operations can accommodate requests for large or one-time projects, special events, and weekend services.

Grounds Services

Crews work year-round to maintain a beautiful campus for your enjoyment. Concern for the environment is demonstrated through activities such as composting, using drought-resistant plants, etc. Additionally, we sponsor a Recycling Program for aluminum cans, paper, and cardboard.

Related Services:

Telephone Services
Telephone repairs call ITAC 245-4822 or fill out the repair form.

Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management
Call 245-3616

Materials Management
Move furniture or equipment call 245-2294

Residence Life Custodial
Custodial services for all of the residential halls on campus call 245-2929

Access Services
University staff will request keys through their account manager using AiM customer requests. Requests will be forwarded to Facilities IMS shop.