Water Conservation/Restrictions

The following activities are not allowed: 

  • Car washing except at a commercial car wash.
  • Non-essential water use and waste of any sort.  Waste includes allowing water to puddle or run off a property, operating a sprinkler system with broken or misaligned heads, and failing to repair leaks.

The following activities are no longer restricted: 

  • Washing impervious surfaces including windows.
  • Use of non-recirculating decorative water features.

Use of Irrigation systems is allowed and cycles may be adjusted for this change in water restrictions. Please contact Nathan Lawrence, Director of Grounds Operations at 512-245-7846 or nl12@txstate.edu if you have any questions about irrigation restrictions.

Please direct all other questions regarding water restrictions to Brian McKay, Director of Facilities Management at 512-245-2810, b_m212@txstate.edu.

Consolidated Landscape/Turf Irrigation and Management Program

The Consolidated Landscape/Turf Irrigation and Management Program documents the practices implemented by multiple University departments responsible for maintaining the aesthetics, safety, and playability of the University’s landscape and sports fields. For more information about Sustainability, please visit the Sustainability site.