Energy Conservation

Sustainable Stewardship: Actions to Improve Campus Energy Efficiency

You can follow a few simple steps to help save energy, money, and the environment.

When you’re in the office:

  • The automated building energy management system is set to the campus standards but If you have an independent system thermostat in your office, adjust it to an energy-saving campus standard. 
  • The automated energy management system is programmed to the most efficient temperature determined by Utilities Operations.
  • Independent thermostats should be manually set to the same temperature settings.
  • During warmer months, set it to 75 degrees.
  • During colder months, set it to 69 degrees.
  • Whenever possible, take advantage of natural lighting, use task lighting if available.
  • Set computers, monitors, and copiers to sleep mode.

When you leave for a little while:

  • Turn off incandescent and fluorescent lights every time you leave the room.
  • Turn off your computer monitor or set it to automatically go into sleep mode.

When you leave for the day:

  • Turn off the lights.
  • Turn off the computer and other equipment or appliances (printers, radios, coffee makers, etc.).
  • Unplug the equipment or turn it off at the power switch. Many appliances consume energy when not in use.

         Think                      Act                        Save

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