Waste Management and Recycling


The Texas State Recycling Program provides recycling services for all students, faculty, and staff of the University. Indoor and outdoor receptacles are located throughout campus, offering a convenient way for everyone to do their part in helping the environment. There is also a drop-off facility at the recycling center if you choose to bring your own recyclables. Currently, the Recycling Program is an effort to heighten on-campus recycling awareness through various campaigns and special events.

To submit a work order request for recycling pick-up, please use our ReADY Request website.

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Recyclables are not stored at the recycling center.  As soon as they are picked up from your office they are processed in the recycling center into 40-cubic yard compactors for mixed paper and cardboard.

Please make sure that you know what you are recycling and have it in or around your recycle bins! Do not store valuable documents or valuable paper goods along with recyclables. The recycling crews have no way of determining that material is valuable if it is stored at recycling stations or recycling containers.  Due to a large amount of material put in the compactors, once it is in the compactor it is unretrievable.  

Please do not recycle important or confidential documents.  These documents should be disposed of securely.  The Recycle Department cannot guarantee its security.

Waste Management

David Sambrano oversees the Waste Management portion of the Recycling Program and coordinates the servicing schedules for all waste hauling of university compactors (including dining hall compactors), dumpsters, and roll-off dumpsters. He also oversees the Waste Management contract. Waste Management and recycling go hand-in-hand so the programs are combined. There are substantial savings on waste hauling costs by not landfilling all the material that is recycled. Our compactor systems compact at a 3:1 ratio. If the recycled materials were disposed of loosely, it would triple in volume and in cost. Provided through the waste hauling contractor are various compactors and roll-off dumpsters of different sizes. For further questions about Waste Management, please contact David Sambrano at das23@txstate.edu.

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